A Bathroom Remodel can add both beauty and value to your home. It can also be a very challenging project with many decisions to make about design, contractors, fixtures and more. It is important to know what to expect and prepare accordingly to ensure a smooth remodeling process.

One of the biggest surprises that homeowners encounter when they start remodeling their bathrooms is just how much money the job can cost. This is because there are so many factors that influence the final price. Some of these factors include if your project requires plumbing or electrical upgrades, which may increase the overall cost. Additionally, you should always meet with multiple contractors best Chicago Company and get quotes from each of them before making a decision. The price difference from contractor to contractor can be as much as 20%, so it is vital that you do your homework before hiring someone for the job.

Another big factor that impacts the final price is what type of materials you choose for your bathroom. For example, ceramic tile is a popular choice for bathroom floors, but it is not inexpensive. The same goes for other types of floor coverings, like wood, laminate and vinyl. Choosing cheaper materials, such as vinyl or laminate, can cut the cost of your bathroom remodel significantly.

Lastly, don’t forget to account for the added cost of any new fixtures you might be adding to your bathroom. For instance, upgrading to WaterSense-qualified toilets and a tricked-out shower with multiple heads and body sprays can quickly increase the cost of your remodel. You may also need to resize your existing drain and water lines, which can cost a few thousand dollars alone.

The way you style your bathroom can also affect its final cost. If you love a clean, modern look, then opt for white cabinets and neutral-colored walls. Using natural wood accents and a lot of greenery can give your bathroom a rustic vibe that is both cozy and calming. However, if you’re not into earthy tones and natural materials, then go for sleek and minimal styles to keep your bathroom cost-effective.

As you consider your options, think about who will be using your bathroom and how that will impact what you decide to include in your remodel. For example, if you have children, then you might want to include a bathtub or plenty of storage space for bath toys. And if you plan on living in your house forever, then incorporating universal design features into your bathroom now will save you time and money later.

While you’re undergoing your bathroom remodel, take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your electrical system as well. Most older homes need their electrical brought up to today’s codes, especially the wired outlets and switches in the bathroom. Additionally, your bathroom should have a dedicated electrical circuit and be GFCI protected. This will help prevent any unforeseen issues down the road, such as an overloaded circuit that causes a fuse to blow every time you turn on your bathroom light.

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